B and G Cakes

I am committed to making great desserts the old fashioned way — with only the finest ingredients.  I use organic and/or all natural ingredients.  My recipes are drawn from my Louisiana roots as well as my travels abroad. 
My goal is to provide you with an excellent product at an affordable price.  All of my desserts are custom made so you get what you want the way you want it.  All you have to do is ask.
We participate at The RIM.



Hi, I am Jason Conrad. Boa-Con farms is in its third year of production. We are located in Floresville TX. Located on 6 acres of land this year we are learning a lot from our mistakes and just recovering from the drought of 2011. We have over 3 acres producing watermelons, cantaloupe, and honeydew melons, 1/2 acre of new peach trees planted this February, 800 tomato plants and about 200 each of zucchini, yellow, and patty pan squash. Also on the menu are okra, green beans, bell peppers, and cucumbers. The land owner and my partner Marcelo Balboa is an active duty army soldier getting close to retirement  and looking to transition into a lower stress career full time, like farming.

My background:
Carpenter, Truck driver Merchant Marine, US Boarder Patrol agent, and project manager for 4 season sunrooms in Austin and San Antonio. None of these career choices were what made me happy. Farming is were I see myself for the rest of my life. As the saying goes when you find a job you love you will never have to work another day for the rest of your life!

I participate at the St. Andrews, , and The RIM markets.



From a single delicious mixture of nuts and berries in 2001 to three unique blends today: Original Nuts & Berries, Tropical Nuts & Fruit, and Gourmet Mixed Nuts. From our kitchen to yours… nuts to you!

If you are not satisfied for any reason, I will replace the package and its contents or refund your money. That's our guarantee to you.

We participate at The RIM,  , St. Andrews and Del Fuegos markets.



I participate at The RIM and at the Leon Springs market.




Paul Engel offers fresh produce including peaches, veggies, and blackberries for sale at the market.

We participate at The RIM market.



Gias pic


Gaia’s Light SA – A Zen Blend of all natural gluten free products.

A locally owned and operated business dedicated to bringing delicious Gluten-free granola cereal, handmade granola bars and banana bread  prepared from scratch.  All natural and locally sourced ingredients such as honey, nuts, organic coconut oil.  Gaia’s Light SA only uses certified gluten free oats, organic chia seed and flax seed- creating the perfect Zen Blend for everyone to build and replenish their energy.

Gaia’s Original Gluten-Free Granola with Nuts Cereal                 Original Granola Oats Cereal

Goddess Feronia with Cranberries & Blueberries Cereal             Goddess Feronia Handmade Energy Bars

Goddess Feronia with Carob Handmade Energy Bars                Goddess Abundantia Handmade Energy Bars

Gluten-Free Banana Bread                                                      Gluten Free Truffles

Visit our Facebook, website, Twitter & Instagram to follow the Goddess:     

I participate at the St. Andrews, RIM and Del Fuegos markets.





We believe that when you serve pasta, it should be flavorful, wholesome, all natural and It should be the STAR of your meal.All of Gourmet Texas Pastas are made with:

* Real vegetables and herbs, we never use artificial colors or processed, TASTELESS POWDERED Veggies

* a few spices, a bit of olive oil, a whole lot of love and care and

* then blended with 100% Durum Wheat

Try one of my twenty-five varieties of WHOLE WHEAT pastas and you will be amazed! The flavor is in the pasta, you don’t need a heavy sauce to cover it up. Cook the pasta in boiling water, (salted or not) cook for 6 minutes, drain and then toss with olive oil or butter, add some grated cheese like parmesan, and you have a fabulous side dish. Add some roasted veggies, some grilled chicken or shrimp, and you have a gourmet meal!

We participate at The RIM market.



Howdy folks, we would like to formally introduce ourselves. We are Indy Coffee Co, and we are a mobile specialty coffee pop up that serves locally roasted coffee from our friends at Flat track coffee roasters, locally sourced teas from Zhi Tea in Austin, and pastries from Broadway Daily Bread. We just want to say that we are immensely proud of being a Hill Country Farmer's vendor. Like all the vendors, we are proud to support the local movement for quality products. I hope you are able to continually support us. We are setting up a brick and mortar coffee shop in front of UTSA main campus this coming Fall 2014 so please check us out at our brand new brick and mortar store. Also, please check out our twitter, facebook, Instagram, and our website for more info about us!

Website:            Twitter: @indycco                  Facebook: indycoffeeco                  Instagram: indycoffeeco 

Sippin n' Rippin 

We participate at St Andrews, , Rim, and Del Fuegos markets.


Sharpen anything

I will sharpen anything that you bring me, even as small as a pocket knife. I have a $2 minimum charge

I participate at The RIM market.




My name is Alexander Johnston and i have been giving this water away for over 3 years. We give away Healthy Alkaline Ionized Water to everyone and it is the cleanest and purest water on Earth.  We do not sell anything at the Farmer's Market, we do not charge for our services to those who want and need this water, and this is not a multi-level business opportunity.  Stop by and learn more about this miracle holistic, natural method for better health!
 I participate at  Leon Springs and The RIM markets.



After being inspired by the lavender fields of Provence, France, in 2010, Craig Stewart came home to Texas and planted the fields that have grown into the Lavande experience. Craig now sells products made and inspired by those plants. He sells them directly from the farm in Bellville, at Houston and Austin area farmers markets, and online.

Lavande is a family owned business. All the members of Craig's immediate family are involved in one way or another. Lavande aims to enhance its community and is happy to have neighbors and fans on staff as well.

We participate at the RIM Market.



After retiring from a 24 year career in commercial fishing, Mike started selling seafood through the Hill Country Farmer's Market Association. He has a few stories he may share along with with best ways to cook the fresh and never frozen fish he gets direct from Texas fishermen. His catch includes: Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi, Red Snapper, Redfish.  He also has Brown Gulf Shrimp and delicious Crab Cakes.  Mike always brings the best quality and freshest seafood available to the market each weekend for your enjoyment.  Stop by and say hello!

I participate at the  & RIM markets.



by Christine Rosso


MudFire Pottery makes handcrafted functional pottery for your kitchen, home and garden and is the perfect extension between the farmers market and your home.

All pottery is made by me in my home studio located here in San Antonio.  As a single potter studio, I do not mass produce or slip cast my work.  Each piece is individually handmade either on the potter’s wheel or hand built.  Every piece is unique with its own characteristics and personality… each is a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art.

My kitchen essentials include… Garlic Keepers, French Butter Keepers, Batter Bowls, Mixing Bowl, Hand Juicers, Tapas plates, Salt Cellars, Mortar and Pestles, Spoon Rests, Mugs, Casseroles, Platters, Serving Bowls, Honey Pots and much more.

My garden collection consists of garden stakes, garden pots, herb pots… and the like.

To learn more about me and my studio, visit


I participate at The RIM and Markets



Nisha's Quick N Ezee Indian Food was created by Manish Puri and Ashmin Nisha. Since we moved to the States in 1996, we have been cooking delicious gourmet Indian food that we have been eating ever since childhood.

We use the best and the freshest ingredients, which makes our food so fresh, tasty, and healthy. Our goal is to provide you with the best and the healthiest food we possibly can. It is all natural, quick and authentic.

I participate at The RIM market.



Hello, I’m Irma Osborn, the owner of O Fudge! With the help of my wonderful husband Leroy and young son Everett, we opened O Fudge! in September of 2013. We absolutely love meeting folks and seeing their reaction as they sample our delicious product which sends them to their “happy place”.  My family and I feel honored that we are a part of the Hill Country Farmer’s Market and enjoy the camaraderie. 

Our fudge is very creamy and light in texture, and above all delicious.  We currently have 7 flavors plus 2 seasonal ones.  Flavors:  Original, Pecan, Pistachio, Mint, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter Swirl, and our newest addition developed by my darling husband, Spicy Almond.  Our seasonal ones are Peppermint, and Cranberry Rum.  Our product is made with the finest ingredients and soon to come for those folks whose tummies are unable to handle dairy protein, a Dairy Free Fudge in Original, Pecan, and Pistachio flavors.

 We can also put your message on the lid, in place of ours. Remember your friends, family and colleagues on special occasions, or simply to show them how much you appreciate them.

 O Fudge! for that special someone – even if it’s you…

Irma Osborn         210-365-1090   

We Participate at The Rim and Markets



We offer dog treats that are high quality, all-natural, and made with human-grade ingredients. There are no hidden ingredients and are made without preservatives, cornmeal, fillers or sugar. Many of our treat selections are made with quality herbs and offer health benefits.

Our skin care products are made with all-natural ingredients. We believe the natural, herbal remedy approach is ideal for our furry friends.

I participate at the RIM market.



Miss Scarlett's Farm  is owned and operated  by Scarlett, Brittany and Anthony Micheli. We grow produce in Bulverde where we have a few hundred tomato plants, cucumbers, egg plant, peaches, squash, peppers, a variety of herbs, and we also have 4 bee hives. We keep free-range chickens on our property also. We are becoming more Earth friendly by choosing to not use chemical pesticides and choosing more sustainable options. We have also found some very productive, organic fertilizers that we will continue to use. We hope to provide healthy and tasty produce to our community.

We participate at  The Rim markets.



Texas Olive Ranch 100% Pure Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from arbequina variety olives grown at our ranch. The arbequina variety was developed in Spain and is especially suitable for growing in the sandy loam soil of the Middle Rio Grande Valley, where the climate is very similar to southern Spain. In addition to the arbequina variety, we grow two other varieties: arbosana, also Spanish in origin; and a Greek variety, koroneiki. 

In June, Texas Olive Ranch won four medals at the 2012 Los Angeles Olive Oil Tasting Competition:

Silver — Arbequina Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil (mild and smooth with a nice peppery finish)

Bronze — Koroneiki Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil (super buttery with a peppery finish)

Bronze — Naturally Smoked Mesquite Olive Oil (enjoy mesquite flavor on meat and fish without the hassle of mesquite wood)

Bronze — Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil (excellent on everything—popcorn, pasta, potatoes, meats, veggies, etc.)

We participate at Deerfield and The Rim markets.


Come out and meet us and see what we have to offer !!!